Le Shin specializes in the production and management of compression stockings and various kinds of textile products. We offer a professional customized service. The following is the content and process of our service.

ODM | Original Design Manufacturer | Order Process

  • Communication »

    Step 1:
    We insist on full communication with customers in advance, to ensure that we understand our customers’ requirements before starting the design process.

    Planning »

    Step 2-1: Planning Proposal
    A proposal will be developed by our marketing team. They will plan a full schedule and process of new products for reference.

    Step 2-2: Planning Discussion
    Confirm the design instructions for all details, start work on project.

    Design »

    Step 3:
    In accordance with planning confirmation, the designer will make a sample for further confirmation.

    Evaluation »

    Step 4:
    Following a sampling process to evaluate quality, style, type, materials, and other details, we will then estimate the cost of production.

    Proposal »

    Step 5:
    We will discuss packaging design and materials with our customers and offer suggestions on how to reach their requirements.

    Quotation »

    Step 6:
    We evaluate the total cost of production, including a reasonable profit margin, then arrange a quotation and forward this to customers.

    Order »

    Step 7:
    Confirm the lead time, payment, trade terms, and other details. Customers can then complete an order sheet.

    Delivery »

    Step 8:
    The goods will arrive at the specified destination within the deadline. During this period, we will continue to keep in contact with customers.

    Satisfaction »

    Step 9:
    customer's testimonials