Products | Compression Thigh Stocking

  • Compression thigh stockings are made of micro fiber, Lycra, and silica gel. They are knitted by a LONATI circular knitting machine, ensuring high quality, durability and utility.

    Micro fiber is a polyamide fiber which consists of a greater amount of thinner fibers. Pantyhose made with micro fiber are delicate, soft, velvety, warmer and much stronger than those made with more common materials. Additionally, they do not rub at heels to make them sore.

    Lycra was invented and is produced only by Du-Pont. Pantyhose with Lycra perfectly fit the leg, do not stretch out and are prevented from laddering. Additionally, they are soft and elastic, guarantee freedom of movement, have massaging effects and have a subtle shimmer.

    The tops of our compression thigh stockings are made of silica gel. This allows for sweat-absorption and prevents sliding.