Our production is planned under SOP principles. We pay attention to every step of the process to ensure an international standard of quality.

Manufacturing Process | Standard Operating Procedure

  • Design »

    Step 1 | Design:

    Based on suggestions by R&D personnel or customers, the designers will start to draw a draft.

    Make Sample »

    Step 2 | Make Samples:

    The master workers will make samples in accordance with the draft. To meet the requirements of production, full communication is required.

    Yarn Covering »

    Step 3 | Yarn Covering:

    Our materials consist of a mixture of synthetics (micro fiber), natural fibers (cotton, wool), and elastic yarns (spandex). We will choose the appropriate combination to ensure comfort, durability, and appearance in order to match our quality requirements.

    Knitting »

    Step 4 | Knitting:

    The medical compression stockings are knitted on a circular knitting machine. These machines are especially made for medical stockings. The knitting process is conducted under operator supervision. Operators are in charge of visual and technical quality control.

    Sewing »

    Step 5 | Sewing:

    Several cutting and sewing operations will be carried out by experienced sewers, such as hem sewing, toe closing, elastic sewing and assembly. These tasks are very precise and play an important role in producing comfort and quality.

    Boarding »

    Step 6 | Boarding:

    During the knitting process, the medical stockings are more or less stretched. The boarding process stabilizes the size of the goods.

    This process is conducted in two steps. First, the knitting relaxation is done before the dyeing process. The goods go through a forming machine or are steam ironed. The second step is the pre-boarding. It is an operation to prepare the article for the dyeing process.

    Dyeing »

    Step 7 | Dyeing:

    Before dyeing, we clean the goods in water. Then we pour the dyes into the machine for equal-mixed dyeing. Each dyeing process is carefully controlled. This process provides highly aesthetic shades of color for our products.

    Packaging »

    Step 8 | Packaging:

    At the end of the process of production, the labels are sewed in, and the goods are wrapped in a plastic bag or acrylic box then carefully stored in our warehouse. We can design various packages in accordance with your needs.